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Corruption in India shames us : An NRI's account
Non-resident Indian - the term does contain our nationality hidden inside. So even if we the country tries to shed off our presence and businesses observe us as potential purchaser of some investment plans, we stay desi in our heart. In most cases you will find the Indian community always updated about the various issues pertaining to India and abreast with the latest debate in the country.

On Indian Politics...

Yes I do keep track of Indian politics on day to day basis. I am an avid reader of various online versions of popular Indian newspapers and do keep track of what's going on in our country good or bad. Regarding what current situation you are talking about. On one hand there are issues related to a crumbling economic situation, on other hand there are issues related to corruption endemic which is hollowing this country from inside. Also regional politics is slowly eroding the concept of a unified India apart from other various issues which I don't want to go on mentioning as the message box won't have enough space to pen down that list. 

On Poverty and Corruption...

Poverty and corruption seems to be becoming a synonym with the name of our country.  It makes me ashamed, angry and helpless.  It feels me up with so much negativity at times that I can’t help but feel hatred towards the rulers, politicians, bureaucrats’ et al. I know a lot of Indians also feel the same way but imagine a situation where you have to introduce yourself as a Indian to every person around, day after day, every day. After a point many Indians probably try hard to detach themselves from the nation, not because they do not love their country, but because they find it hard to keep their heads high up in dignity.

Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister...

I read a lot of articles touting Narendra Modi as the change maker.  But I am not sure. Leaving aside the past or allegations many draw against his secular being, to make changes in this country of 1.2 billion people one man is not enough. He would need a team of people who would work simultaneously with him to prosper this country. And is BJP free of corruption entirely? Modi can probably give a vision, give a direction but will his party members run with him at his speed? What about the coalition partners? They will be the same faces riding a different boat – will they let change take place?

About fellow country men...

It may hurt a few sentiments, but many a times I feel we, Indians, are a bit weaker from inside when it comes at the last mile extreme struggle.  We do start a lot of initiative with good objective and great spirit but then after a few days fall flat on motivation. As a nation we are getting too accustomed to "Chalta Hai” attitude - within ourselves and within the people we deal with.  On my tours back to the country this is the most hurting fact to witness. In every step of our daily life we tend to ignore things which are wrong but we will ignore because it is not affecting me personally. If we talk about a change, it needs to come from the people and not from the Govt., as popularly believed. In fact in India we need to have a revolt like Arab Spring. Why can't we have something like Indian Spring? Why can't the entire country rise up all at once for one single cause and turn the table? Despite we being the world’s largest democracy and comparatively quite liberal, the situation calls for it. Unless we have people’s movement and make happen something drastically different from our current system things will not change. For this we need a collaborative effort from countrymen irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. Hopefully we see those days coming soon where Indian Spring becomes the reference of largest social movement ever happened.

(The citizen journalist is an NRI residing in South Africa)

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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