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Tamilnadu being forced to go the Eelam way? - II
Karunanidhi heads the weakest government ever in TN. Opposition brands as eyewash the ‘all party’ meet convened by him on October 14 to condemn Centre’s policies of colluding with Sri Lanka in genocide against Tamils.
THE HUMILIATING snub suffered by India at the hands of its tiny southern neighbour on October 10 was nothing new. It was deserved. That is the price the self-styled ‘emerging superpower’ flaunting nukes and pipe-dreaming to lord over the region has had to pay a number of times. Only a morbid amnesiac can forget how Sri Lankan president Jayawardane delayed seeing the credentials of high profile ambassador JN Dixit, making him wait for months in his court. The ‘royal’ treatment that former India PM Rajiv Gandhi, who was falling head over heels to him, received while inspecting a guard of honour in Colombo has been recorded live in world media.

In an interview to Al Jazeera, president Rajapaksa stated that bombing of Northern towns will not stop till ‘terrorists’ were crushed and a political solution to the civil war with liberation forces in Eelam can wait till then. He ridiculed New Delhi’s "grave concern and unhappiness" at the growing casualties of unarmed Tamil civilians and its counsel to negotiate a peaceful political solution. Rajapaksa loudly wondered, “What can we offer a terrorist outfit which wants a separate state?” and parroted what SL has been claiming since 25 years: “The only option left for the (Liberation) Tigers, who have reached the end of the battle, is to surrender.”

The previous day, foreign minister Rohitha Bogollagama referred to the ‘summon’ to deputy high commissioner GGAD Palithaganegoda at New Delhi from National Security Adviser (NSA) of India MK Narayanan in a suo moto statement in Parliament: “Hon members may also be aware of reports of MK Narayanan expressing concern on the situation in Sri Lanka. In this regard I wish to reiterate Sri Lanka’s policy. . . the onus is on international community to support Colombo by taking concrete and tangible measures to ‘combat terrorism’."

At the root of such trashing India receives in the neighbourhood is the aspiration among the powers-that-be in New Delhi to give a decent burial to federalism in the grossly mismanaged, unwieldy entity. They openly admire the haggard Sinhala Unitary State, which has failed even more miserably than India on socio-economic development front.

Its only ‘achievement’ is of staying a Unitary State for 60 years, despite delivering nothing! Indian leaders, from the so-called cream of society, too crave for a unitary set up, where aspirations of different ethnicities can be nipped. These bosses have been prostrating before ‘powerful’ tyrants in Colombo, despite being shown their place more than once.

Meanwhile, the Indian PM Manmohan Singh has had no time to spare, apart from the loud noises, he directed his NSA to make, to rescue Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi, who is facing public outrage at the indiscriminate killings of Eelam Tamils.

Singh is too busy regularising the ‘give and take commitments’ made by his government to get India stamped as a nuclear weapon ‘no-power’! Poised to demit office any time, his government is understandably focused on collecting ‘upfront benefits’ for his friends and masters, from multi-billion dollar ‘deals’, which were enabled under US-India nuke agreement.

Karunanidhi heads the weakest government ever in TN, dubbed by the main opposition All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), as a ‘minority government’. For the first time since 1966, the state government survives on ‘outside’ support from Congress.

His Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) is fighting hard to ward off local Congress wolves, who clamour for a direct share in the power pie. The huge response from people to a rally organised by Communist Party of India (CPI) on October 2 to protest the Sri Lankan oppression on Eelam Tamils had spurred him to act. His gimmick of directing his party cadre to ‘flood the PMO’ with “millions of protest telegrams” that prompted Narayanan’s ‘concern’ fell through. Karunanidhi is also rattled by the mammoth support received by the influential Dravidian leader Vaiko’s plan for the rally on October 10.

The CM has now convened an ‘all party’ meet of state leaders on October 14 to jointly express condemnation of New Delhi’s connivance in the massacre. But, this is seen as another drama, even as Sri Lankan Air Force and Army are readying to devastate Eelam for capturing the rebel capital Killinochchi.

Except for high-bred Tamils, considered themselves among self-styled ‘Aryans’ of the North, none in Tamilnadu relishes this prospect. Ironically, a major section of important people in the foreign affairs officialdom in New Delhi happen to be from this section.

Dravidian leader Vaiko heads Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK), which is currently aligned with opposition AIADMK in the state. The one-time colleague of Karunanidhi has turned his bitterest adversary and is emerging as the central force in the new scheme of things.
Vaiko was a senior union minister in the non-saffron coalition. The most vociferous advocate of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has been consistent in the stand, whatever party he aligns to. He even travelled to Eelam to interview its leader Prabhakaran.

The LTTE leader has every chance to become the head of the state of a country, but New Delhi wants him extradited to India (if Lankans ever catch him)!

Vaiko seems to have planned a grand strategy and has switched to Jayalalitha’s AIDMK camp, which is considered to be a saffron ally. Interestingly, she had put Vaiko behind bars for more than a year, when she was the state CM on charges of sedition. He was charged with ‘inciting Tamils against the Indian government’ and the ruling party in New Delhi helplessly watched. Incidentally, the governments of both Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha have been sacked by New Delhi, at a time, when they were enjoying absolute majority, courtesy the local Congress leaders.

Jayalalitha, drastically reversing her earlier tirade against LTTE of “escalating the civil war that has killed thousands of innocent civilians… including India’s former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi”, has extended full support to Vaiko.

She now wants a halt to military aid to Sri Lanka and has clarified, “We recognise the rights of the Tamil people of Sri Lanka to demand for equality before law, equality in educational institutions and equality in employment with their Sinhala brethren. We recognise their struggle for self-determination and an autonomous Tamil homeland in a truly federal set-up.”

The opposition leader slammed the “minority governments” at Chennai and New Delhi for preventing Vaiko from taking out his rally. Jayalalitha said that the CM had "no moral right" to convene an all party meet; he was just "watching” the attacks on Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian fishermen.
She dared him to withdraw support to the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government “for providing training to the Sri Lankan army”. The AIADMK announced that it will boycott the “eyewash” all party meet on October 14.

Vaiko holds that the ruling DMK government in TN is to blame for every Tamil being killed in Eelam. He disclosed that he had written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking him to demand return of HAL radars supplied to SL.

These were as part of military aid and the Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) uses them to conduct civilian bombings. In his reply, the PM promised to do so if they had indeed been used against the Tamils.
“Yet, SLAF continues bombing civilian areas. Moreover, New Delhi is silent on my request for permission since 18 months to send relief supplies of food and medicines through Red Cross,” he charged. He warned Karunanidhi and Singh, “In the name of safeguarding Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, don’t lose India’s sovereignty and national integration.” He charged that the “Centre is colluding with Colombo’s military machine indulging in genocide, while the state government goes on issuing bland statements of eyewash.”

A Tamil Congressman V Narayanasamy, who is a junior Union minister and an AICC general secretary, has called for a ban on the MDMK. He accused the party of championing the “cause of LTTE” and extending “open support to the outlawed Sri Lankan militant outfit”.

TN’s Congress leaders are apparently alarmed at the resurfacing of Rajiv Gandhi’s ghost as a result of these developments. Jayalalitha, who could be silenced all these years from speaking out, seems to have gone out of their control. She declared: “We are opposed to an armed struggle, which has lost its way, resulting in killing of thousands of innocent people on both sides. We are distressed that a former Indian prime minister was brutally assassinated on Tamil soil as a fallout of this struggle,” without implicating LTTE in it.

She was only expressing the general perception that the impulsive PM just paid the price for heeding to biased, high-bred foreign policy pundits. He sent Indian Peace Keeping Force to fight LTTE in the hope of installing an obliging puppet regime at Colombo. The soldiers, in frustration at being sent on what was clearly a suicide mission, committed grave atrocities against Tamil people. It eventually earned the most humiliating defeat to the mighty Indian Military machine when it was kicked out by the militia fighting for their home and hearth.

Already, the story peddled by Indian ‘experts’, framed up LTTE and Prabhakaran for the sake of ‘successfully cracking’ the assassination mystery, is being increasingly trashed.

There were no credible corroborative or eyewitness evidences presented. There are not many takers for hush-hush trials by a TADA court that admitted extracted confessions for condemning two dozen poor refugees.

It was also far-fetched to imagine that so many persons nabbed alive could belong to LTTE, whose cadre are known to bite a locket of cyanide they wear if caught, as they ‘confessed’.

Indian authorities, including the judiciary, conveniently chose to ignore the question: “Why would the highly motivated outfit with limited resources, fighting for liberation against a formidable army, resort to an assassination which cannot help their cause in any way?”

On the other hand, it was the Congress that gained the maximum from the death of the mercurial PM. There was no other way for the party to have won the elections without exploiting the ‘sympathy wave’ that the ‘sacrifice’ generated. No wonder, TN Congress bigwigs are keen to silence anyone, including Priyanka Gandhi, trying to dig out the truth!

The most prudent step for New Delhi now would be to not only stop covert aid to Sri Lanka to crush so-called terrorists.

It should wake up to the reality of outcry against hijacking of the federal concept in India. Overwhelming popular support is enjoyed by regional parties in every state of India, who protest this hijack.

If Eelam Tamil issue has become so explosive, it is because the Colombo regime felt militarily powerful enough to impose a Unitary Sinhala-controlled system in place of a federal structure, denying human rights to Tamils.

Mercifully, India is too big a country for its military to suppress such popular uprisings. Yet, if the fictitious concept of placing “country’s interests above human rights, ethnic pride and identity” continues to be promoted for long, it will be a matter of time for India too to meet the fate of USSR or Yugoslavia or now Sri Lanka.
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It is quite amusing how Natteri Adigal is letting his emotions get in the way of his writing, and filling this essay with falsifications, exaggerations and distortions. Let's leave the emotions aside and analyze the facts behind this one line of his: "They openly admire the haggard Sinhala Unitary State, which has failed even more miserably than India on socio-economic development front." The word 'haggard' is only his opinion, and not a fact, so let's leave that aside. Does he really think that Sri Lanka has failed more miserably than India in socio economic development??? He needs to go back and check his facts, such as the following stats below from the CIA fact book. (Note: This is in no way a dig to India, where many of my friends are from) Life expectancy at birth as of 2008:- India: 69.25, Sri Lanka: 74.97 Infant mortality rate (per 1000 births):-India: 32.31, Sri Lanka: 19.01 Literacy rate (%):- India: 61, Sri Lanka: 90.7 HIV/Aids prevalence rate (%):- India: 0.9, Sri Lanka: 0.1 GDP per capita as of 2007:- India: $2600, Sri Lanka: $4000 Unemployment rate (%):- India: 7.2, Sri Lanka: 6 These are but a few facts anyone can check online. I wonder how Natteri Adigal came to the conclusion that Sri Lanka has 'failed miserably' at socio economic development ‘even more than India’. And those stats of sri lanka are on top of 25 years of war! Without analyzing any of his other haughty and inaccurate statements, that conclusion in itself is enough to obliterate most of the biased, ungrounded statements he makes against Sri Lanka. If Natteri Adigal is unable to acknowledge facts or shed his extreme partiality towards the LTTE, he should take up fiction writing instead of journalism!
A daring article which tried genuinely to bring out inner current running in the mindsTamilians who are Tamilians by Heart and Mind and are loving their land and people. Except people who were benefited and hauling benefits due to the fake set up which is called India. they may be Political Animals are the Bureaucratic Beasts(there is no such nameIndia in the medieval History and apart from some term called Bharatha kante which too represented a Land not a Country ). all the other Tamils are wondering why our Tamilfishermen should perish at the Hands Rowdy Lankan Army to save this fake Entity called Indian Pseudo federalism which is serving to the Sinhala Enemies while eating our own tax Money. This System in essence is Establishing HINDIANS SUPREMACY over rest of the Rich Races. These Hindians and their paid servants are prospering and Tamilians like are perishing in different ways in a System called INDIA. It is not India but truly HINDIA. Answer a simple Question when there are 15 Languages in the 8th schedule why Hindi only should be national Language of India. If you accept it is the Language spoken by majority people. then you have to accept this Rule is a Majoritarian Rule not a Democratic Rule, Hindi cannot represent the Dravidian culture. In the same way The present set up will and cannot save even the lives of Tamils which become the writing in the Wall now.TamilNadu Tamilians has got every Right to secede to safe guard their and their Overseas Brethren's future Livelihood.. I will cite one Example the Anti Hindi stir had been undemocratically tarnished and hided in the Tamil Nadu text books .not to talk about other state Text Books. That is INDIA sorry HINDIA. I wish to remind Everybody tha People constitutes Nation not the Land Part.
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