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The plight of Rohingya Muslims
It is astonishing that the so-called preachers of ahimsa (peace), the Buddhists have made it their mission to eliminate the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, in the cruelest way.

They have been seen killing the Muslims with sickles in their hands and butchering their bodies into pieces mercilessly with no exception to women, children and elderly whatsoever. Thousands of Muslims have been burnt alive and lakhs of them have migrated.

These Buddhists have turned so cruel and merciless that they haven't even spared months old babies who have been killed and burnt in the most barbaric way, as seen from the videos and images that are in circulation on social media. As if, Muslims aren't human beings. Has the Buddha taught them to do so? Are these his teachings, who's considered the apostle of peace? No religious text in this world teaches such barbaric acts. Then from where they got it?

The Rohingya Muslims have been residing in Myanmar for the last 50 to 60 years, but they aren't considered as citizens. They are kept aloof from availing medical services and other governmental facilities. Their children aren't admitted in schools. They are treated as untouchables in every aspect making their lives highly miserable. As if, this wasn't enough, the Buddhists are resorting to cruelty against humanity.

The UNO has admitted that the most oppressed minorities in the world are Rohingya Muslims. The Noble Peace Prize awardee and the head of the Myanmar government Aung Sang Suchi hasn't uttered a word against the ongoing brutality, nor taken the pain to stop it. Myanmar government, Buddhists and the army are hand in glove and jointly and collectively executing the Muslims.

Now, the question arises, where have gone all the champions of humanity and peace including, UNO, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc. who used to make hue and cry even for a few human lives claimed elsewhere in the world ? Why they aren't raising their voices while thousands of Muslims are being murdered openly in Myanmar? Is it because they are Muslims? Perhaps, Muslims aren't human beings in their view!

As nobody is coming to their rescue, few people from among the Rohingya Muslims have formed a group to defend the oppressed, who have attacked and killed few solders and Buddhists in the process. Now this group of oppressed people has been labelled as a militant group thereby justifying the retaliatory action of the army by killing innocent and unarmed civilian Muslims. Then what you say on the killings of innumerable innocent Muslims by Buddhists and army soldiers before the attack of the said militant group? Thus, while the hapless victims with starving stomachs and unclothed bodies have been projected as militants, the government of Myanmar and its army with their brutalities are being projected as victims of the said militant group. The media is also silent on this burning issue, closing its eyes and ears.

Now it is high time, all the peace loving people and organizations throughout the world raise their voices unanimously to stop forthwith the ongoing excesses on Rohingya Muslims and condemn the massacre of Muslims by Myanmar government, its army and Buddhists as a crime against humanity, and demand to grant them citizenship and provide all the civic amenities, besides booking the culprits under international criminal laws.

Editorial NOTE: This article is categorized under Opinion Section. The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of In case you have a opposing view, please click here to share the same in the comments section.
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