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Paris attacks will have a major fallback on Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe

After Friday's terror attacks in Paris carried out by the Islamic State in which 129 people lost their lives, it is almost certain now that most European nations will shut doors for Muslim refugees from Syria, who wish to seek asylum in European countries to escape the virtual war-zone in their homeland.

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Dr.Yogesh Sharma | Feb 04, 2017
The world is in the grip of Islamic terror. Even Muslim nations do not want to give asylum to Muslims fearing that they may be potential terrorists and fanatics. All the secular and the non-Muslim nation must not give asylum to Muslim refugees for their peace and safety.
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Debi Acharya | Dec 05, 2015
Because the recent attack diminished the credibility of Muslims. No one would like to allow a future assassin in the country.
Krishna | Nov 24, 2015
Because it may create an Islamophobia among European countries. This may be the real aim of ISIS who doesn't want Syrian refugees to get asylum anywhere.
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